Joe Adams

At Discovery Science Center, we imagine a world of positive change with science education. Here, we educate young minds and create partnerships with teachers.  Our mission is to increase public understanding and appreciation of science, math and technology as agents of transformational change.

Impacting the lives of students, teachers and families across Southern California, Discovery Science Center’s exhibits and programs serve over half a million students, teachers and visitors annually, of which 290,000 are seen through field trips and educational outreach into schools and classrooms. Our 59,000 square-foot facility is a bustling hub of learning “touch points” for the entire community.

Our commitment begins with what we do best—state-of-the-art exhibits that serve as dynamic points of entry for young learners. Our educational goals focus on important scientific principles that are a part of our everyday lives as well as of civic importance, as seen in exhibits such as Science of Hockey, Boeing Rocket Lab and the newly opened Eco Challenge and Race to Recycle.

Current research shows that for the first time in contemporary history, fewer children are exposed to learning experiences that promote curiosity and creativity, discovery and innovation.  This is even more apparent in the fields of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. In the wake of drastic budget cuts, the state of California currently ranks 50th in the nation in science proficiency.  The Science Center is needed now more than ever to make a difference. 

Discovery Science Center is poised to dramatically increase vital science learning opportunities for students, teachers and our communities and help “fill the gap.”  Excellence in math and science education in the U.S. directly relates to our nation’s ability to compete, prosper and maintain our security in the 21st century global community.

Our mission to promote scientific literacy is not only timely but compelling.

Thank you for your interest in Discovery Science Center. Please visit us soon!


Joe Adams
President, Discovery Science Center
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