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Back by Popular Demand Sesame Street Presents: The Body Exhibit Headlining at Discovery Science Center



SANTA ANA, Calif. – Immediate – Back by popular demand, Sesame Street Presents: The Body makes a reappearance at Taco Bell Discovery Science Center January 29 to May 1, 2011. Sesame Street Presents: The Body is an interactive exhibit created and produced by a partnership between Sesame Workshop and Thinkwell Design & Production, which promotes active living and healthy lifestyle through interactive exhibits. The Body exhibit is part of Sesame Workshop’s “Healthy Habits for Life” initiative, created in response to the growing crisis of childhood obesity and designed to address the importance of establishing an early foundation of healthy habits.

“The interactive nature of The Body exhibit, combined with the focus on healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices, made this a perfect fit for us. This exhibit was a guest favorite in 2007 and we’re very excited to have it back,” Joe Adams, president of Discovery Science Center, said.

Sesame Street Presents: The Body offers an engaging, free-flowing learning experience set in the fun, familiar and reassuring world of Sesame Street. The loveable Sesame Street Muppets anchor an exciting collection of hands-on, interactive and multimedia experiences that allow children to explore the human body and how to keep it healthy. Each exhibit area has multiple activities to provide age appropriate and exciting learning opportunities for children at a variety of developmental levels. The exhibition emphasizes scientific investigation and developmental and curriculum-based learning goals for children ranging from two to eight years old. These learning goals tie into the National Science Education Standards, the Benchmarks for Science Literacy and the Sesame Street Healthy Habits for Life Curriculum.

“Each component of The Body exhibit is geared toward children’s natural excitement about learning,” added Anna Housley Juster, Director of Content, Sesame Workshop.

“We believe that children learn best through active participation and self-discovery. The exhibit features a wide range of opportunities for children to observe, investigate, experiment and talk about what they are learning with their parent or caregiver.”

“Thinkwell has done a superb job of incorporating our content and characters with their design.”

Sesame Street Presents: The Body features four different education zones related to the human body:

1. How You Work – Whether you are exercising, playing, dancing or even sleeping, your body is always hard at work. In “How You Work,” kids can learn how the heart and different muscles work as they pump, row or run in “Rosita’s Locomotion” and boogie along with Grover in “Grover’s Dance Party,” a groovy disco.

2. Your Insides – “Your Insides” is an exploration of what goes on inside the body. Activities include the “Count’s Organ Organ,” which musically teaches kids about their internal organs’ locations and functions; “Digestion with Oscar,” a display that shows kids what happens to food when they eat it; and “Oscar’s Sneeze Machine,” where children pull a lever to irritate a big nose that actually sneezes on them!

3. Your Outsides – Children learn to identify different body parts, learn what they do, and explore the many ways they can put them to use. Exhibits include “Your Wonderful Hands,” featuring puzzles, sign language games, shadow puppets and more; “Your Legs and Feet,” an interactive exhibit that shows what happens when you put your legs in motion; and “Use Your Head”, a play-along question and answer game show about the parts of the head.

4. Staying Healthy – Learn how eating healthy foods, staying clean, and getting plenty of physical activity as well as sleep can help the body stay healthy. Ernie and Rubber Ducky get kids started in “Rub-A-Dub Tub,” a silly game that shows them just how much fun staying clean can be. Then it’s on to “Mr. Hooper’s Store,” where children scan groceries and learn specific messages about how different healthy meals are good for their bodies, and “Baby Bear’s Mini Mart,” a toddler-sized activity area where children can stock up on a variety of healthy foods.

The Body will be exhibited at Discovery Science Center January 29, through May 1, 2011. In addition, children and adult caregivers can explore the exhibit prior to their visit online at: The site also includes guides, educational materials, and activities available for download.

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