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September 15, 2011


Let the Bug Invasion Begin!

SANTA ANA, Calif. – An invasion is coming and there is nothing you can do about it. Bugs and insects of all shapes and sizes are creeping their way in, on and around Discovery Science Center (DSC) starting October 1, 2011 for Spooky Science – Bug Invasion 2! Presented by Western Exterminator Company and Time Warner Cable as the media sponsor, Spooky Science will have you looking at bugs, insects and Science in a new light.  Try not to stare at the floor though, as horned beetles, a walking stick bug, praying mantis and deadly locust will tower over you at 1,000 times their actual size.

Venture through creepy rooms and eerie exhibit space while studying the giant animatronic bugs. Then, check out the bug kiosk featuring real centipedes, millipedes, Madagascar cockroaches and more, along with a world renowned pinned specimen collection from the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles.

The seasonal exhibit also features interactive exhibits, hands-on educational learning stations, microscopic discoveries, a scavenger hunt throughout the center and a skin crawling 4D maze that will make you watch your every step. Throw on a pair of special glasses and traverse your way through the black light corridors where unearthly discoveries will greet you around every corner. Watch out for hanging roots, smelly scents and spooky sights as you complete the experience.

You also won’t want to miss special weekend programming such as Dr. Sue’s Traveling Insect Zoo and Thor’s Reptile Stage Show. Stare into the powerful jaws of a praying mantis, pet a tarantula and discover glowing scorpions with Dr. Sue. Get up close and personal with a Yellow Monitor Lizard, feel the weight of a Boa Constrictor and touch the skin of a Rhinoceros Iguana in Thor’s Live Reptile Show. Other weekend events include pumpkin decorating, costume parades, and DSC’s “Ask a Scientist” speaker series.

Spooky Science – Bug Invasion 2 is included with full price of admission for Discovery Science Center. For more information, visit


About Discovery Science Center

Discovery Science Center is Orange County’s leading destination for hands-on science fun with over 100 interactive science exhibits throughout the Center. Take the Eco Challenge and become a green superhero, feel the power of a real rocket engine “launch” and explore the inner workings of a two-story tall dinosaur! Traveling exhibits and annual events such as Bug Invasion and Bubblefest throughout the year ensure that there is always something new to discover. Open daily from 10am – 5pm. For further information, call us at (714) 542-CUBE or visit us online


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