Spooky Science-Bug Invasion!


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Bug Invasion…Get them before they get you!


SANTA ANA, Calif. Sept. 7, 2010–They’re coming to get you at Discovery Science Center! No magnifying glass needed here; these bugs are larger than life! Transport yourself to a world where ants, praying mantises, and scorpions tower over you at 1,000 times their actual size in the new Fall exhibit, Bug Invasion (October 2-31)!

Over two-thousand square feet of exhibit space features giant bug animatronics, a world-class insect collection, and interactive educational stations.

Hi-Res Press Images:

Large Ant >

Mantis >

Scorpion >

Interactive Bug Stations Include:

  • It’s a Flea’s Life: Learn how common fleas survive and adapt.
  • First Flyers: A hands-on apparatus teaches the methods of insect flight.
  • Rub-a-Bug: Young visitors make rubbings of insects they can take home.
  • Better to Eat You With: Visitors learn how insects eat with hands-on demonstrations of insect mouthparts.
  • Bug’s Eye View: View the world through multi-faceted insect-like eyes.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Visitors determine which insects are good, bad, or just bug ugly.
  • Robo-Bugs: Visitor controlled robotic bugs
  • Assemble-an-Ant: Visitors build stylized insects.

As exciting and eye-catching as the animatronics and interactive education stations are, the real stars of the show are the insect specimen found in a world-class collection on display.

Check the calendar for updates on special weekend events including Dr. Sue’s Traveling Insect & Anthropod Zoo, “It’s a Bug’s Life” story time, and bug demos from OC Vector Control and the Rat & Mouse Club of America ­So Cal Chapter.

Creepy Crawly Guests

Weekends (times TBA): Dr. Sue’s Traveling Insect & Arthropod Zoo Get totally bug-eyed at the ultimate insect-extravaganza: Dr. Sue¹s Traveling Insect & Arthropod Zoo. Stare into the powerful jaws of a praying mantis, pet a tarantula, discover glowing scorpions, and even play with GIANT ants! OC Vector Control Ouch! Pesky Mosquito! Go eye-to-eye with these annoying creatures as you observe the Mosquito Chamber! Learn how mosquitoes spread disease, why they bite so much, and how you can protect yourself! Do they pollinate? Or are they simply dinner for lizards and frogs? Rat & Mouse Club of America – So Cal Chapter Who doesn¹t love to cuddle up with their pet rat? Pet rat, you ask… yes!

Did you know that mice and rats make excellent pets? How, you ask? Uncover the true identity of these fascinating rodents and learn how to train a mouse or rat, what their needs are, and maybe even adopt a rat! Bee Keepers Deemed by the New York Times, bees are the Architects of Agriculture. These four-winged, flower-feeding insects not only produce honey and pollinate crops… they are far more interesting than that! Understand what a Bee’s Life is all about! “It’s a Bugs Life” Story time

Halloween Weekend Activities

Discovery Science Center is the place to be for Halloween! Halloween weekend, October 30th and 31st, dress your best for costume parades each day, pumpkin painting and and trick-or-treating at your favorite exhibits!

Every guest will get a “FREE RIDE voucher” to redeem at The Pumpkin Factory located in the Main Place Mall Parking Lot. All Halloween weekend special events are included in the price of admission. Guests will receive their own Discovery Science Center trick-or-treat bag to take home.

About Discovery Science Center

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