The World’s First Interactive Dinosaur Adventure!

After a 65-million-year absence from Earth, Dinosaurs have made a grand entrance into Southern California. Be sure to venture out into Dino Quest, the interactive exhibit that features life-size dinosaurs and an electronic interactive quest.

During your adventure, walk inside a giant two-story tall Argentinosaurus, manipulate the organs of the dinosaur and learn how body systems work and relate to each other.

Inside Dino Quest, players become “research assistants,” complete with research transmitters, and receive challenge quests from the scientists at Dino Quest Headquarters. Players search throughout the exhibit for answers to the research missions and, using the infrared transmitter, communicate back to scientists worldwide when they think they have found the answer.

Solving a series of research missions gives players the opportunity to go on an adventure – such as capturing a T-Rex that has escaped its cage and is on the loose! See the giant T-Rex, an exact replica of an actual fossil named Stan, and learn all about these fearsome ancient predators that once ruled the Earth.

By combining an interactive quest and dinosaurs as life-size models for the heart, digestive system and more, Dino Quest provides hands-on education that aligns with the California Science Standards for the K-6 grades.

Dino Quest aligns with science content standards for first and fourth grade.
Download a Dino Quest activity booklet for 1st grade. Click here >
Download a Dino Quest activity booklet for 4th grade. Click Here >