Behold the Earth as you have never seen it before. The Planetary Research Station features a suspended, animated globe that shows dynamic images of the atmosphere, oceans, and land from a completely unique vantage point.

  • Explore weather patterns and observe historic storms exactly as they occurred
  • Relive catastrophic earthquakes and see the impact of their aftershocks
  • Observe flight patterns around the globe as lights soaring across the night sky

Private Research Sessions

This exhibit is available for groups and individuals that would like to use it as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science.

Select Your Own Data Sets: View the available data sets online and we will load them for your private session.

Private sessions are available Monday-Friday from 4pm-5pm and may be reserved for a flat fee of $40. Please call 714-913-5025 for details.

Groups & Classes:
Special rates and availability apply. Please call 714-913-5025 for details.

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More Information

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) uses PRS as an education and outreach tool to describe the environmental processes of Earth. With over five-hundred data sets, it can display everything from real-time infrared satellite over land, to sea ice concentration and snow cover, to the topography of Venus!

The Planetary Research Station includes five instructional panels to further expand on the intuitive and compelling images of PRS. An automated narrated voice guides guests through pre-set data sets, although it can be customized to display data sets for research and display purposes.

Planetary Research Station aligns with science content standards for 2nd & 5th grades.
Download an activity booklet for 2nd grade. Click here >
Download an activity booklet for 5th grade. Click here >