Now – September 8, 2013

Veni, Vidi, Vici! Come explore, see real art designs and conquer the world of Leonardo da Vinci this summer at Discovery Science Center. Young inventors are invited to experience art and science like never before. Da Vinci: The Genius and Da Vinci Jr. will take you back in time and show you the mastermind of da Vinci through stations designed specifically for your little inventors.

Get ready to explore the full scope of Leonardo da Vinci’s remarkable genius as an inventor, artist, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect. Guests will enjoy more than 200 unique pieces including 75 life-size machine inventions, three-dimensional renderings of da Vinci’s most notable Renaissance works and an eye-opening, in-depth analysis of his most famous piece, “Mona Lisa.”

Hands-on Interactives

  • Experiment with cranks, levers and pulleys used in da Vinci’s many inventions.
  • Learn the secrets behind the Mona Lisa and unleash your inner detective to discover some newly found surprises!
  • Take a closer look at the famous Vitruvian Man illustrations and see how neat the human body really is.
  • Discover the mystery of da Vinci’s odd writing techniques as little artists master their own writing and drawing skills.
  • Come face to face with life size inventions bigger than you. See replicas of the first bicycles, helicopters and more, then can create and draw your own invention!
  • Surround yourself with famous 3D art replications like The Last Supper, Mona Lisa, Sforza Horse and Vitruvian Man for a visually thrilling experience.

Hands-On Activities & Programming

Step inside Da Vinci’s Workshop where YOU become the inventor with new hands-on activities every weekend! Little inventors will love to tinker, investigate and play using their creativity and imagination.

Sounds of the Renaissance: August 24-25

Not only was da Vinci a great inventor, engineer and artist, he was also a man of music. Whether you play an instrument or not, you’ll discover that building instruments is all about uncovering the science of music and sound.

Explore the many sounds that combine to make music by experimenting with resonance, pitch and volume to make your own musical masterpiece.


*Activities and schedule subject to change without notice.


This Exhibition Has Been Created By Grande Exhibitions, The Anthropos Foundation, Italy and Pascal Cotte, France.