Bubblefest XVII is in full swing through April 14 with interactive bubble activities for the whole family! If you’re looking to create your own bubble fun at home, check out these simple DIY wand projects:

Wire Hanger Bubble Wand:

Step 1: Use pliers to undo a hanger and straighten the wire. This step should be done by an adult.

Step 2: Bend a large loop using the wire at one end while leaving room for a handle on the other end.

Step 3: Close the loop by twisting a bit of the end around the handle.

Step 4: Bend the handle at an angle so the surface becomes easier to dip into the solution.

 Step 5: To soak in even more bubble solution try wrapping fabric strips or yarn around the loop.

Step 6: Pour the solution in the tray or bucket and dip the wand in!

Straw and String Bubble Wand

Step 1: Cut a string 36-48 inches long.

Step 2: Thread two ‘non-bendy’ straws onto the string. The string must be thin enough to be threaded through the straws.

Step 3: Tie a knot to form a circular string loop.

Step 4: Pull the knot under one of the straws so it’s out of the way.

Step 5: Hold a straw in each hand and submerge the wand into the bubble solution. Then, bring the straws together.

Step 6: Begin lifting the straws up and out of the solution. As you lift, pull your hands away from each other. The bubble will start to form as it fills with air. Bring the straws back together to seal your bubble for its release.

Spoon Strainer Bubble Wand

Step 1: Make a bucket or tray of bubble solution.

Step 2: Dip the spoon strainer into the solution.

Step 3: Blow through the spoon strainer or wave it around to create homemade bubbles.


Ever wonder what it takes to blow great bubbles? Besides years of experience like Bubble Scientist and Guinness World Record Holder, Deni Yang, it takes knowledge and practice. Yang will perform in the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show during Bubblefest XVII at Discovery Science Center March 28-April 14. Science zones will be available for interactive experiments demonstrating the scientific and mathematical principles of bubbles.

So how does Deni create his amazing bubbles? The secret to creating the best bubbles is surface tension. The surface layer of liquids has a thin elastic “skin” called surface tension which is how bubbles form and hold their shape. The tension causes the bubble to form a sphere, which is the smallest possible surface area for a given volume.

TIP: Try adding glycerin to your own bubble solution to make bubbles last longer and brighter!

If you want to know more about how bubbles work, come to Bubblefest XVII at Discovery Science Center for the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show!

Bubblefest XVII, Orange County’s most exciting bubble spectacle returns to Discovery Science Center with Bubble Scientist, Deni Yang. Witness the incredible artistry of Yang’s bubble science during the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show. Be a part of this year’s Bubblefest event at the Science Center beginning Thursday, March 28 through Sunday, April 14.


Can’t wait until March? Create your own mini Bubblefest experience with at home activities full of bubble fun! Try some of these activities and expect endless entertainment:

Bubble Matrix: With Bubble Matrix kids stand in a circle with their bubble bottles and wands. Choose one child to be in the center of the bubble ring. The kids of the bubble ring have 30 seconds to blow bubbles at the child in the center while he/she does everything possible to avoid touching the bubbles. Jump, twist, crawl & roll! Have a camera handy for priceless photo ops!

Bubble Hoop: Ever dream of being inside a real bubble? Now you can with the ultimate bubble game. Prepare a bucket full of bubble solution and pour it into a small plastic pool (approximately 3’ in diameter). Place a hula hoop into the pool along with a small stepping stool in the center. One child can stand on the stool while two helpers lift the hula hoop up over the child. A giant bubble will be created and form around the child. WARNING: a whole lot of messy fun!

Bubble Freeze: Try out a fun indoor craft on a rainy day that will be sure to entertain your kids and even yourself! Just blow bubbles on a paper plate and then before the bubbles pop, put them in the freezer. You’ll be amazed at what comes out, it’s that easy!

Make your own Bubble Solution:

2/3 cup Joy dishwashing soap

1 gallon water

2 to 3 tablespoons of glycerin (available in pharmacies or chemical supply houses)

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