2500 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 542-2823 Directions / Map
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Sep 15th, 2012
thru May 05th, 2013
Discovery Science Center
2500 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Open Now Through May 5

Bob the BuilderTM – Project: Build It will bring Bob’s world to life for girls and boys and their families.

Filled with colorful characters and sensational sets, the exhibit promotes “green” themes from the popular television series.



Meet the Crew!

To truly feel like a part of the team, you can interact with life-sized three-dimensional show characters when they enter the exhibit and perhaps snap a quick picture when they leave.

Bob the Builder™’s Mobile Home

Be a part of the culminating experience as children explore and discover the beautiful Sunflower Valley and find out about Bob’s big plan to fix it all through his themes of building and construction in his mobile home. The overall immersive environment rich in objects, shapes, sounds, colors, and hands-on activities allows preschool and young children to learn about teamwork, the Can-Do attitude, and being a responsible citizen. Children will be able to manipulate tools, build, explore, and interact socially with others.

Bob the Builder™’s Workshop

Can We Fix it? Yes We Can! Young children unite as a team by learning about teamwork, patience, and Bob the Builder’s Can-Do Crew by cutting, hammering and building together, and learning about being a good citizen. Children will help repair Bob’s workshop sink, as well as learn more in depth about recycling as there are recycle bins in Bob’s Workshop.

Wendy’s Caravan

Bob’s friend, Wendy is inviting you to her green world as children learn to appreciate and take care of their surroundings by decorating and planting flowers outside Wendy’s mobile home. Children will be able to learn about the solar panels that are present on top of Wendy’s caravan, as well as learn about the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Together.

Farmer Pickle’s Water Pump

Children will give a helping hand to Farmer Pickles as they use rubber balls that represent reused and recycled water to help pump water and collect it in buckets.

The Vehicle Shelter

Get ready to build! Children will help finish the rock walls and wood walls. Then, climb on and slide down the shelter.



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