2500 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 542-2823 Directions / Map
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Aug 17th, 2013
thru Aug 18th, 2013
Discovery Science Center
2500 N. Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Throughout the summer inside Da Vinci’s Workshop, kids can dive into this fully interactive exhibit showcasing history, art and science inventions from the great da Vinci himself.

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci drew designs for a self-moving cart over 400 years before the first self-propelled vehicle was invented by Henry Ford? Investigate some of da Vinci’s sketches and designs and discover what a sophisticated inventor he really was. Then, try your own hand at designing a glider!

Go-Go Gliders
When it comes to building and flying paper gliders, there’s more engineering involved than meets the eye. Build a paper glider and test its flight accuracy and distance in a series of glider challenges.


*Activities and schedule subject to change without notice.


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