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Futuros Radiantes

“After participating in the program I am reading more often to my daughter and I am more creative now. Each time I read her a storybook I use the same strategies that I learned in the workshop and my daughter is more interested in the storybook. The home activities have helped me develop creative things at home. My daughter makes more observations about the environment, how to recycle, what is a solid and a liquid, understands colors and numbers. The program has helped my family tremendously, as a family we are sharing more experiences together and we are all learning.”
-Ana Méndez

Futuros Radiantes/Bright Futures is Discovery Cube’s award-winning, successful, Early Learners program designed for low-income parents of children six and under to help their children:

  1. Become school-ready
  2. Develop their complex language and reading skills in English and Spanish
  3. Understand number sense
  4. Incorporate science-thinking skills

Our goal is to prepare young learners to successfully enter school and to ultimately become productive, problem-solving community members. The path to success begins in infancy.

By increasing parents’ understanding of how young children learn, they will be better equipped to help their children be developmentally ready to learn and better prepared to succeed in school and life. The parent-only model is designed for parents to learn how to engage with and teach their children reading and STEM skills at home. Because there are no children present, this model allows parents to fully engage, ask questions, interact with other parents, and share the impact of the strategies they are putting into practice at home. During these one-hour, hands-on, parent only workshops, parents also learn about the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as indicators of academic success for young learners. All workshops integrate children’s storybooks with hands-on activities. Participants receive their own copy of a storybook to add to their children’s personal library, a copy of the lesson plan, and some supplies to do the activities at home. The workshops are bilingual English/Spanish.

To learn more or to sign up for Futuros Radiantes, please call or email Elena Serratos at 714-263-3866 eserratos@discoverycube.org