Innovator Honor Roll

Founding Lifetime Members


Emily Horowitz and Chatom Arkin

Marta and Raj Bhathal

Linda and Kris Elftmann

Lydia and Ken Himes

Shelly and Steve Hupp

Sheila and Jim Peterson

Laurie and Richard Rodnick

Harriet and Sandy Sandhu

Karyn and William Spear

Richard and Elizabeth Steele

Janet and Kent Yamaguchi

Platinum Level


Mary and Richard Baily

Sandi and Dale Dykema

Cathy and Dave Hefler

Amy and Steven Litchfield

Malcolm and Pat Niles

Terri and Douglas Pasquale

Linda and Tod White

Gold Level

Bottle Logic Brewing, LLC

Sheila and Timothy Collins

Crean Family Foundation

Donnie Crevier

Anne MacPherson

Andrea and Jeff Reeves

Sandy and Robert van Schoonenberg

Silver Level

Nina and Jeff Benck

Gay Callan

Karla and Jeff Elder

Barbara and Greg MacGillivray

Julie and Tom McDorman

DJ and Kenneth Owen

Scott Pollard, Trustee of Winslow Maxwell Trust

Janet and James “Walkie” Ray

Jennifer and Dan Sheridan

Mark Smith

Nancy and Craig Smith

Carole and Del Stagg

Copper Level

Mechelle Lawrence-Adams and Joe Adams

Theresa and Jonathon Allen

James Aralis

Patricia Bailey

Morgan Barrows

Julia and Russell Beemer

Blueberry Hill Restaurants, Inc.

Debbie and Dan Bolar

Jeremy Broderick

Kelly and Chris Brown

Gregorio Casalenuovo

Karen (Johnson) Cohoe and Bruce Cohoe

Clariphy Communications, Inc.

Corent Technology

Jessica and Todd Cran

Michelle and Tim Dean

Kendra and John Doyel

Susan and Bruce Edwards

Chelsea and John Fairbrother

Ellen and Michael Fine

Fei and John Fisher

Barbara Foster

Brigitte and Craig Frankel

Elaine and Edward Godlewski

Irma and Rick Goerner

Melissa and Louis Goodmon

Brie Griset Smith and Peter Smith

Barry Halsted

Lynn April and Gene Hartline

Heather Harwell

Hac and Tim Henderson

Cathy and Roger Holliday

Pam Horowitz and Rolf Uitzetter

Connie and Robert Ihrke

Linda and Brad Jenkins

Olivia and Andrew Johnson

Lauren and Christopher Johnston

Lori and Karl Kreutziger

Marc Levin

Carla and Robert Myers

Anne B. Nutt

Debbie and Jim Phillips

Karen and Michael Rhyne

Bonnie and David Rofsky

Kay and Stephen Sandland

Jill and Tom Schriber

Lysanne and Rick Sebastian

Jill and Mark Skaist

Ana and Harrison Smit

Adina and Josh Stowell

Catherine and Delane Thyen

Lisa and Harvey Triebwasser

Nancy Trujillo

Harmony Upton

Kate Upton and Michael Grassmyer

Lois and John Wareham

Lu Ann and Yasith Weerasuriya

Linda White-Peters and Ross Peters

Sheila and Jay Witzling

Emerging Innovator Level

Sarah and Greg Agee

Nancy Bartelt

William Bendush

Jane and Scott Calder

Curtis-Rosenthal Inc.

Terri and Dave Donnelly

Cynthia and Michael Furst

Mari Ann and Dan Haight

Marylou and Jerry Harrington

Kristi and Bryan Hogsett

Virginia and Paul Jernigan

Raquel Keena

Margaret and Thomas Larkin

Rosie Lee

Clark M. Leonard

Farhad Mafie

Barbara and James Mason

Laura and Rod McDermott

Gloria Meininger

Uday Mudoi

Haunani Nakabara

Carol and Paul Odett

Hayley and Michael Palazzola

Linda and Michael Palmer

Ellie and Mario Pasquale

Margaret and Larry Perry

Judith Posnikoff

Lori Quinlan

Gail and Ira Rosenstein

Cynthia and Trevor Rothman

Jeffrey Rowerdink

Elinor Schmidt

Suzanne and Ralph Stern

Christina and Robert Stevenson

Phuong To

Diane and Randy Tribolet

Deven Upadhyay

Emily Vogler and Daniel Flynn

Barbara and Michael Ward

Stefanie and Robert Warren

Sonnee and Robert Weedn

Lacy and Matthew White

Alycia and Dan Witzling

Anne and John Wortmann

Mirei and Shinobu Yoshida