Discovery Science Center has an exciting opportunity to build Mission Control, a one-of-a-kind hands-on exhibit celebrating Orange County’s rich heritage in aerospace engineering. Our immersive, interactive environment, designed to simulate a mission control room experience, will help guests of all ages understand the challenges of conducting a mission from 35 million miles away.

As guests enter Mission Control, a wall of video screens will play an introductory film about the history of space exploration and its specific cultural impact in Southern California. Guests will enjoy clips of past, present and future missions as well as interviews with astronauts, scientists and engineers who work in the space industry.

Visitors will become part of a diverse team responsible for launching rockets into space through our interactive role-playing game. The simulated experience will provide the vital link between aeronautic design and the process of delivering payloads into space. This exhibit will encourage guests to learn about careers in the aerospace industry while promoting interest in space exploration.

Exciting and fun, this immersive exhibit ties together the many lessons found in other exhibits located in our Space Exploration Hall including: the Boeing Rocket Lab, Planetary Research Station, Dynamic Earth Lab and NASA Explores the Universe. Mission Control will be prominently featured in the Grand Hall of Science.

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