Deepen your students’ learning experience by enrolling in an interactive, multi-week science course at your school. Programs include all materials including journals for each student.

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CSI – Forensics

Appropriate for 5th – 8th Grades. 1 hour/week for a total of three weeks

Day One: Blood Typing: Using simulated blood, learn how blood can be useful evidence at the scene of a crime and how its type can be determined.

Day Two: DNA Extraction: Learn to extract DNA from substances to help unlock clues to the mystery.

Day Three: DNA Fingerprinting: Not all “fingerprints” come from your hand. Learn how investigators match DNA to help solve mysteries.

Water Quality 101

Three, one hour sessions. Appropriate for 5th and 6th grades

Day One: Covers the basic science concepts of water, including the water cycle, the three states of matter (specifically related to water), and the molecular structure of the water. Students learn from where our water comes, where water is directed or deposited, and how particular activities in the home, city, or field can impact the natural environment.

Day Two: Use chemical test kits to measure the amount of dissolved oxygen and nitrates in tap water, bottled water, and other sources of water samples. Water temperature is measured and calculations are performed to determine the percent of saturation. Tests results will be used to determine a portion of the healthfulness of water for aquatic organisms.

Day Three: Learn the importance of the level of pH in the water and how humans and environmental issues may impact the level of pH in the water. Students use pH test kits to develop an understanding of acidic and basic solutions. Experiments introduce the topic of acid rain and show how soil and ocean water can buffer the environment. Students also explore how aquatic insects are used in Pollution Tolerance Indexes to help determine the healthfulness of water.