Kara Noel Lawson: Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube!

Walking into the Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit is like stepping back into time. There are 17 HUGE animatronic dinos… dinos that won’t eat you up. The whole exhibit feels like you are in a rain forest with plants and trees around the realistic dinos.

Version 2
The kids felt like they were in Jurassic Park. I wish I could convey in this post how big the dinosaurs actually are in person. I felt like all our prehistoric lessons were coming to life for the kids. I actually saw the spark of understanding as we read each sign and looked at the huge animatronic beasts.


One of the dinosaurs is so big they had to “bury” the feet so he would fit in the room. It was the T-Rex and it was glorious.




There are interactive features as well!

You can control your own dinosaur from a console (check out Cy controlling one in this video) or become a paleontologist and discover dinosaur fossils.