Kara Noel Lawson: Oh Hey, It’s Inventors Week at the Cube

We spent our morning being engineers during Inventors Week at the Cube! This event runs through July 10th. The focus of Inventors Week is to tinker, build, and explore while learning about electronic and robotic principles, every inventor needs to know!

Kara 1

Scattered throughout The Cube are tables, manned by one of their amazing associates. Each station has a hands-on experiment or activity for the kids to try. And the associates do mini science presentations. I am always SUPER impressed with the way the associates patiently answer questions from my kids. The Cube really knows how to pick friendly folks!

Kara 2

We had three favorite stations: conductors, snap circuits and exploding legos!

Kara 3

Tess can’t stop talking about how she “played a potato!”

We really loved the Brain Builders area upstairs. Little Inventors can build LEGO creations then use a cannon to blow them up.

Kids loved it.
I wonder why? (sarcastic tone)

kara 5

I was shocked at how much my kids liked doing this Snap Circuits Discovery Kit. They loved it! And I loved how easy it was to use.

Kara 6


Kara 8

We are going to try to go back on July 7th (1pm) for a live video conference with NASA.
NASA!! What?!?!!?

The kids will learn about the Orion and Space Launch System missions and how NASA plans to explore areas of space that more than 40,000 miles beyond the moon! An engineer from the Ground Systems Development and Operations team at Kennedy Space Center will be available by video conference to answer questions about upcoming deep space operations.

How awesome is that!?!?!?

I hope you guys can check out Inventors Week!

I’ll be taking over the social media for The Cube on Friday the 8th (Squeeeee…) and I’ll share our slow motion video from our LEGO explosions. And I wouldn’t want to get ahead of myself or anything… but we really can’t wait for this…

Kara 7