Liz Cerezo: Inventors Week at Discovery Cube OC!

Calling all budding tweakers and inventors! Discovery Cube wants you! Inventors Week is going on now and if you have little ones who absolutely love to tinker with stuff or like asking questions about how things work, this is one event you cannot miss. Discovery Cube is hosting a full week of tinkering, building, and exploring while learning about electronic and robotic principles that every inventor and engineer should know!

Liz 1

This weekend is the last weekend to attend. The Meet the Makers Weekends , July 9 & 10, is when kids and of course, adults get to meet with some real inventors and engineers! Last weekend, my daughter and I had the chance to check things out. Take a look:

Liz 2

Liz 3

Liz 4

Liz 5

Liz 6

This was by far the best table, according to my daughter. She actually got to play the notes on the laptop piano, just by holding the leads you see in the picture. She learned that not all objects are able to carry electrical currents. Umm, yeah! that’s a potato and a ball of playdoh!

Check out the weekend activities:

Friday, July 8

Blind Children Center (10am-5pm)
AirWolf 3D (10am-3pm)

Saturday, July 9
Wolf Corp. Robotics (11am-1pm)
Blind Children Center (10am-5pm)
R2D2 Club (11am-3pm)
OC Scroll Saw Association (11am-3pm)
Matter Hackers (11am-3pm)
OC Module Railroaders Inc. (10am-5pm)

Sunday, July 10
OC Scroll Saw Association (11am-3pm)
OC Module Railroaders Inc. (10am-5pm)

After the rush of the holiday weekend, take the kids to revive their summer lagged brain and of course, release some energy  at the place that’s meant to be played with and explored.

The whole experience is fun for the whole familia to learn. For tickets, hours and directions, visit the Discovery Cube OC site. If you’re on social media, follow the fun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!