Mary Tran: Inside Discovery Cube’s Dora and Diego Exhibit

Even though my kids may have outgrown Dora and Diego, the Dora and Diego – Let’s Explore! exhibit was fun to explore. Plant flowers in Isa’s Flowery Garden, help Tico gather nuts at Tico’s Tree and Car, uncover pirate treasure at Piggies’ Pirate Ship, help baby animals in the Animal Rescue Center, line up the stars at Constellation, and help Dora and her friends pilot the Rocket Ship.

Discovery Cube OC Dora and Diego Explore Map Photo LetsPlayOC

Like the television series, the exhibit is designed to help children use eight different abilities proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner at Harvard University (verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, music/auditory, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, naturalistic, and interpersonal (social and self).

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Family Guides:
Be sure to grab one of these Family Guides upon entering the exhibit! It is nicely illustrated to help families get the most out of the exhibit as well as exploring at home. What I like about the exhibit is that they have interactive components throughout the exhibit encouraging parents to be a part of the experience. For example, in Isa’s Flowery Garden, I saw a sign that said, “Grownups, help your child say it in English and Spanish,” and “Grownups, C’mon and play! Slide a puppet through the fence.”

Discovery Cube Dora and Diego Adult Interactive Play Photo LetsPlayOC
Piggies’ Pirate Ship: 
In the Pirate Ship, children can look through the telescope to spot the treasure chest, raise and lower the flag, dress like a pirate, and learn how to divvy up the coins into the Piggies’ banks.

Discovery Cube Dora Diego Explorer Exhibit Pirate Piggie Ship Photo LetsPlayOC
Rocket Ship: 
Aboard the Rocket Ship to go back to the Purple Planet. Children can put on a spacesuit, pilot the ship, and test their memory to help Dora and Boots. On the way to the Purple Planet, Dora and Boots encounter interesting star groupings at Constellation. On the Purple Planet, children can climb inside and slide down to exit.

Discovery Cube Rocket Ship Purple Planet Photo LetsPlayOC

Tico’s Tree and Car: 
Tico is headed to a family picnic and needs help filling up his basket and car with nuts.

Discovery Cube OC Dora Diego Explore Tico's Tree and Car Photo (c) LetsPlayOC

Isa’s Flowery Garden: 
In the garden, Dora’s friend, Isa the Iguana, children can pick flowers and learn how to care for flowers, plants, and animals.

Discovery Cube Dora Diego Explore Isa’s Flowery Garden Photo LetsPlayOC
Diego’s Animal Rescue Center: 
At the rescue center, children can learn how to care for rainforest animals (they are stuffed) by using the scanner beds, diagnosing the situation, cleaning the animals, and applying First Aid.

Discovery Cube Dora Diego Animal Rescue Center Photo at LetsPlayOC

Rainforest Maze: 
Explore a rainforest to locate the animals while children can climb across Jaguar Mountain, swing across Bobo Brother’s monkey bars, and crawl through a fallen tree.
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Have fun,