Carly Anderson: Discovery Cube LA: Summer Day Trip

Carly Anderson: Discovery Cube LA: Summer Day Trip


Some things are just meant to be.  Remember when I first talked about our visit to Discovery Cube LA?  Well, I feel like they just kept popping up in every area of my life.  Since we have a membership, we brought Lydia a LOT.  Then, my school partnered with the Cube…..and all my intervention students came back talking about how much they loved it.  Then, we were invited to the opening of the new summer exhibit at the Cube.  I may or may not have embarassed myself when I gushed about how much I loved it.  As a teacher and a mom, the benefits of this amazing space are endless! So, when they emailed and asked if I would like to be a Discovery Cube Mom…..I jumped at the chance.  Standby, because I can’t wait to share all the awesome stuff that the Cube and the surrounding area has to offer (we’re even having Lydia’s birthday party there this year)!


The Discovery Cube LA is located inside of the Hansen Dam Recreation Area.  Before our first trip to the Cube, I had no idea this amazing area existed.  It houses a huge Aquatic Center, a lake with pedal boats, hiking trails…..and our personal favorite…..a STELLAR playground right outside the Cube.  I’m sure other toddler moms can agree, finding toddler-appropriate activities can sometimes be a challenge…….so I was overjoyed when Lydia and I were able to enjoy a full day at the Hansen Dam Recreation Area a few weekends back.

It’s been amazingly hot in Los Angeles, so we headed out early in the morning.  Lydia had an amazing time playing on the playground before the Cube opened (from about 9:00 – 10:00), we ate a snack, and she was the first one through the doors to see the Clifford exhibit.  She actually asked the woman taking tickets where the red bowwow was… was pretty adorable!

One of my favorite things about the Cube is that they have an Early Learners area.  This area houses rotating exhibits (it was Thomas the Train and now it’s Clifford) that are geared towards children ages 5 and under.  They have tactile displays, imaginative play areas, a reading zone and it’s PERFECT for beating the summer heat…..Lydia played happily with Clifford and friends until I forced her to stop for lunch and took her home for a nap.

Toddler Day Trip perfection, right?



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So toddler moms……sound off……..what are your favorite places where you live to take day trips?

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