Liz Cerezo: Summer 2016 at Discovery Cube

The long dog days of summer is hitting us hard, here in SoCal. If I dare ask, what have you been up to? Are you keeping busy with the kids? We’ve done a few things, here and there, but it’s the days in between here-and-there, that are driving me bananas! Some of the kids’ friends have been asking to play with my kids (YEAH!!!) so, they’ve been having a lot of playdates. My son will soon leave for Boy Scout camp and then, believe it or not, it will be time to start school shopping. Oh, that seems so far away….

Discovery Cube hopes to ease some of the summer boredom by having several exciting exhibits that were made to keep little minds busy. So, what do dinosaurs and motorcycles have in common? Oooh, a lot when you visit Discovery Cube!

Extreme Dinosaurs
Calling all dino explorers and paleontologists! Make your way to the Cube OC and let’s go on a dinosaur adventure. 17 animatronic dinosaurs will roar, snarl, move their limbs. It’s a little intense. I saw little, little ones running away, crying. So, just keep that in mind. Take a look:




Hands-On Harley Davidson
Get your motors runnin’… you know the rest. I don’t know if this is actually for the kids or moms and dads that love Harleys. This Hands-On Harley-Davidson™ exhibition. This interactive experience illustrates science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts through a one-of-a-kind exhibit that lets kids Dream It! Build it! … and Ride It! Take a look:




Hands-on Harley Davidson is now open and runs through September 11!

On top of all that, the whole museum is bursting with educational and exciting exhibits that are made for a full day of fun. The whole experience is fun for the whole familia to learn. For tickets, hours and directions, visit the Discovery Cube OC site. If you’re on social media, follow the fun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Liz Cerezo: Inventors Week at Discovery Cube OC!

Calling all budding tweakers and inventors! Discovery Cube wants you! Inventors Week is going on now and if you have little ones who absolutely love to tinker with stuff or like asking questions about how things work, this is one event you cannot miss. Discovery Cube is hosting a full week of tinkering, building, and exploring while learning about electronic and robotic principles that every inventor and engineer should know!

Liz 1

This weekend is the last weekend to attend. The Meet the Makers Weekends , July 9 & 10, is when kids and of course, adults get to meet with some real inventors and engineers! Last weekend, my daughter and I had the chance to check things out. Take a look:

Liz 2

Liz 3

Liz 4

Liz 5

Liz 6

This was by far the best table, according to my daughter. She actually got to play the notes on the laptop piano, just by holding the leads you see in the picture. She learned that not all objects are able to carry electrical currents. Umm, yeah! that’s a potato and a ball of playdoh!

Check out the weekend activities:

Friday, July 8

Blind Children Center (10am-5pm)
AirWolf 3D (10am-3pm)

Saturday, July 9
Wolf Corp. Robotics (11am-1pm)
Blind Children Center (10am-5pm)
R2D2 Club (11am-3pm)
OC Scroll Saw Association (11am-3pm)
Matter Hackers (11am-3pm)
OC Module Railroaders Inc. (10am-5pm)

Sunday, July 10
OC Scroll Saw Association (11am-3pm)
OC Module Railroaders Inc. (10am-5pm)

After the rush of the holiday weekend, take the kids to revive their summer lagged brain and of course, release some energy  at the place that’s meant to be played with and explored.

The whole experience is fun for the whole familia to learn. For tickets, hours and directions, visit the Discovery Cube OC site. If you’re on social media, follow the fun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Liz Cerezo: Bubblefest at Discovery Cube

The countdown has officially started! Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC is down to its final days. Spring break is over for us, so now is the time to get the kids and head over to The Cube and get ready to be inundated with bubbles!!!

From now through April 10, 2016, you can enjoy Bubblefest and the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show. This is by far the best show that comes to Discovery Cube. Can you believe it’s been happening for 20 years?! And to celebrate this amazing accomplishment, this year’s show has proven to be bigger and better than ever. Oh, and sure the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show are pretty amazing, but the and indoor Bubble Zone with plenty of hands-on, soapy bubble exhibits are so much fun too!


Kids will be able to create bubbles of their own and even play in a bubble! It’s crazy, I know, but it’s so much fun. There will only be four shows daily and seats are limited.

The whole experience is fun for the whole familia. For tickets, hours and directions, check out the website! If you’re on social media, follow the fun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to use #bubblefest!

Liz Cerezo: Discovery Cube OC’s Water Gallery

Liz Cerezo: Discovery Cube OC’s Water Gallery

I think every kid in California knows about the severe water drought we’re having. It’s been all over the local news. It’s being taught in school and most of all, it should be enforced at home. My kids know about the drought from all my nagging. Yes, nagging. Our city has been under a strict water restriction for a while now and it’s only getting worse. Starting last month, we’re only allowed to water the lawn on Mondays. That’s it. Just one day. The lawns all over our neighborhood are getting brown and well, it’s a reality we all must face.

Learning about Water at Discovery Cube

The Water Gallery at Discovery Cube OC aims to give kids (and those kid at heart) a first hand experience about where our water comes from. From the water we drink and use on a daily basis, to how the fishies survive in the ocean. When you visit Discovery Cube, you’ll get a hands-on teaching when you visit The Water Lab’s exhibits. And today, we’re going to take a walk through and maybe learn a few things.

The Water lab exhibit takes a scientific look at water’s impact on our planet. Did you use water today? Did you do laundry? Brush your teeth? Have some coffee? Wash dishes? All of this was done with water. With the vast, interactive information on salt water, fresh water, frozen water, and water vapor, you and your kids will become water savvy before you know it.

Where the Fish Are

Discovery Cube’s Water Gallery

Have you ever wondered how low a fish can go? The Fish and their Environment exhibit shows you exactly which fish can swim where. From deep sea fishes to shallow water fishes, this giant tablet-like exhibit invites you to touch and learn how fish live.

Discovery Cube’s Water Gallery

See you in the Fog

Discovery Cube’s Water Gallery

I think this exhibit is one of my favorites! My kids can play with “the ring of fog” as they like to call it, for a long time. What can you learn? Evaporation and Condensation. How high can the ring of fog go? Well, that’s all up to you! Have your kids learn about how water and vapor, and see which state they like the water most. liquid or vapor?

It’s all Sublime

Discovery Cube’s Water Gallery

From a Solid to a Gas. Which is best. For me, this is one exhibit I can just watch forever. I mean, how can you not get excited about dry ice, right? Watching water go from a solid to a gaseous state is meh, whatever. But the way the dry ice drops and swirls in the water is so soothing and the act of sublimation leaves beautiful swirly trails.

Stay and Play

If you noticed, each exhibition is in English and Spanish. I love that. It gives the opportunity for others to learn too. Aside from these fun exhibits, you can also catch a mini-show “Aquavator” where you take a trip down, down down into the earth where you can see the different geological layers of our earth as you learn learning the science behind underground water aquifers. The Landscape and Interpreting Maps is also something pretty cool, but you have to have to keep an eye on your kids for this one. It’s not your typical sandbox. Here you’ll be able to study elevations and how water flows in high and low elevations.

Discovery Cube’s Water Gallery

Don’t leave without testing your knowledge about how much water is the earth made up. I failed my first test. Darn! Then there’s the exhibit where you can learn about Geosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere and Atmosphere. I think this one is more for you and me than the kids.

However you use water, please use it wisely. We must teach our little ones how to conserve something, we as humans, can’t live without.

For tickets, hours and directions, visit the Discovery Cube OC site. If you’re on social media, follow the fun on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!