Pattie Cordova: Inventors Week at Discovery Cube OC

We spent our Saturday morning celebrating the start of Inventors Week at Discovery Cube OC. We were there bright and early at 10 a.m. to make sure that we would visit all the stations.

Pattie 1

Neither the kids nor I had ever been to Inventors Week before so we took the opportunity to use our yearly membership and check it out. The first floor has tables with Discovery Cube volunteers and scientists.

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We got the chance to try out circuit boards and learn about electricity. The gal helping us out took time to explain to us how the circuit boards work and even let us do a couple of different variations.

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The kids got a big kick out of making music from potatoes, bagels and metal. They used an activity kit called Makey Makey. They liked it so much that I’m going to get the kit for them on Amazon later. Using Makey Makey, they can not only make music, but they can also program other functions – and even play Tetris!

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We also went upstairs and ran into Brain Builders. They’re located in Laguna Niguel, but also visit local schools. There, we were able to build LEGO creations and then blow them up. It was so cool!!!

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Inventors Week at Discovery Cube OC runs July 2nd through July 10th! Visit the cube and get hands-on demonstrations and stage shows. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy and have them learn a thing or two as well!

Pattie Cordova: Extreme Dinosaurs Exhibit at Discovery Cube OC

We spent our Saturday morning checking out the Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit at Discovery Cube OC – and it’s as awesome as they say it is!


The exhibit is set up like a walk around a dinosaur park. There’s a pathway that leads you through dinosaurs on either side of the path. Along the way, you’ll also see real and replica fossils, a full size skeleton, a dig site for kids and spots for hands-on learning.extreme-dinosaurs-exhibit-fun-facts fossile-replica-extreme-dinosaurs-exhibit full-size-skeleton-extreme-dinosaurs-exhibit extreme-dinosaurs-fossils


The full size animatronic dinosaurs are the best though. They HUGE… seriously big. And you get to control some of them! There’s displays with buttons that control a certain part of the corresponding dinosaur. This was my favorite part of the whole exhibit because it goes beyond just looking at dinosaurs on display.extreme-dinosaurs-traveling-exhibit


And of course, there are SO many photo opportunities! The lighting in the exhibit is perfect, and you really can’t get a bad shot.


If you have dinosaur lovers at home, I highly recommend you visit this exhibit. Note that because it is a really well-lit space and the dinosaurs are life size, the little ones might get a little freaked out. See the picture above? My kid was shaking as he posed for the picture. Funny, but still…



Visit Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube OC now through September 5th. It is located on the first floor by the gift shop.  Entry into the exhibit is included with your Discovery Cube admission or with your Discovery Cube membership. I would recommend you visit early in the morning, or late in the afternoon because Summer will bring about a lot of school groups.


Visit for more information on the exhibit. And if you want a visual tour – check out my Facebook LIVE video below. We did a walking tour of the exhibit during our visit.

WATCH: Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit at Discovery Cube OC

Pattie Cordova: Bubblefest is Back at Discovery Cube OC Through April 10th

Bubblefest is back at Discovery Cube OC for its annual stay during spring break. This is one of my favorite exhibits of the year because we’ve been coming to it for years and years, and something as simple as bubbles is still pretty cool to watch and learn about.


Like last year, the show was held inside the 10,000 square foot Showcase Theatre on the second floor. It provides for very comfortable seating for the adults, and lots of space for the kids’ seating closest to the stage.



The Bubble Show is performed by the fabulous Deni Yang, who performed his first bubble show at the age of 4! I remember visiting the cube way back when and seeing his dad perform the show. Years later, it’s fun to take my own kids and watch Deni Yang put on a riveting Bubblefest that is great for both adults and kids.


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Deni Yang continues to be an amazing performer and a Master of Bubbles – just like his dad. His 45 minute performance doesn’t have a second of dullness. During the show, I felt like a kid again being surrounded with thousands of bubbles in the air. Each of my kids had their favorite part of the show – everything from the laser show at the end, to the story of the snow to watching kids go on stage and post inside a giant bubble.




Once the amazing show was over, we headed downstairs back to the main floor where the bubble activities are being hosted and hung out in giant bubble spheres, created a bubble wall and even learned about flow patterns. This year, I got the courage to actually get in the bubble sphere too! It was a crazy experience.




Aside from the wonders of Deni Yany and his Mega Bubblefest Laser Show, there are so many other bubble activities that the kids can enjoy. Activities are included in each Bubblefest admission ticket:

Bubble Spheres: Your child (or you!) can climb into giant bubble sphere and see what happens when you try to walk, crawl, sit, or lay down! Learn about buoyancy and Archimedes’ Principle with this thrilling activity;
Me in a Bubble: ‘POP’ a pose inside a giant bubble and have your photo taken!;
Bubble Wall: Learn how heat and dryness affect bubbles and try to put your hand through a bubble wall without it popping;
CO2 Chamber: Blow bubbles through a chamber of carbon dioxide and see if your bubble floats or sinks through the CO2. Keep an eye on the bubble to see if any changes occur;
Cube Jr. 5 & under Bubble Zone: Bubble enthusiasts can learn colors and shapes in this 5 & under Bubble Zone.

other activities include: bubble courtyard (by the front entrance), bubble lab, bounce house and a laser table.





Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC Pricing

Bubblefest, which includes the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show, Water Spheres, and all outdoor activities are an additional charge of $10 on top of general admission to Discovery Cube OC. Bubblefest VIP admission at $15 also requires general admission and allows for early entry and preferred seating during the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show. General admission prices are as follows: adult ($17.95), senior ($14.95), and children 3-14 ($12.95).

Visit Discovery Cube at 2500 N. Main St., Santa Ana, California and pop some bubbles at Bubblefest from now until April 10, 2016. For more information, visit


Pattie Cordova: Play in the real snow at Winter Wonderfest

Pattie Cordova: Play in the real snow at Winter Wonderfest

The first ever Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube happened over the weekend! As a Discovery Cube Moms ambassador, I had the opportunity to be there opening day and experience all the fun with my chiclets.


Tickets to Winter Wonderfest 2015 can be purchased for just $5, but you must have admission into Discovery Cube (great time to use that Discovery Cube membership)! Once inside, you’ll see Winter come alive in the form of real snow and real science. For many kids, this is just one of the handful of chances they’ll have to touch real snow, make snowmen, and snow balls. My kids had a ton of fun just hanging out in the snow play area. They have molds and wooden spoons available to the kids.

snow-play-discovery-cube making-snowmen-with-a-spoon

But before you make it to the snow play area, you’ll first have to pass the 70 foot snow tubing slope. It is by far the highlight of Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube. Kids (and adults) can take up a snow tube and with the help of Discovery Cube volunteers, haul it up the stairs and then slide all the way down before being gently stopped by the bales of hay at the bottom of the ramp.

going-down-snow-tubing-at-discovery-cube snow-tubes-winter-wonderfest

For the smaller kids, you’ll also see much shorter slope right next to it. Lines for this smaller slope usually go faster, so if the kids just want a quick thrill, let the volunteers know so they can get you in quick. Otherwise, be prepared for a bit of a wait (we waited for about 20-30 minutes). Height requirement for snow tubing is 44”.

Past the snow tubing and across from the snow play area, kids can enjoy the snow ramps – perfect for sledding! Believe it or not, this was the first time my kid had done the whole sledding thing. He had so much fun! Height requirement for snow sledding is 40”.

snow-sleds-for-young-kids snow-sledding-at-discovery-cube

But of course, you can’t visit Discovery Cube and not learn a little something. Towards the back, the Cube has interactive snowflake science activities including an area on making ski ramps. The volunteers help the kids create ski ramps and then watch as the kids launch marbles and ping pong balls down their makeshift ramps. My four year old spent about a half hour just launching one thing after another.

discovery-cube-experiments boy-creating-ski-ramps-at-discovery-cube

Winter Wonderfest is in its first year and I totally see it being as big as their other annual events like Bubblefest. It’s a lot of fun, a great price, and you can stay as long as you like. There’s also an area for younger kids to play, food trucks, benches and a coffee station.


Winter Wonderfest is at Discovery Cube now through January 3rd. There is no age requirement to enter Winter Wonderfest, however all guests 3 and over need a ticket.

Winter Wonderfest 2015

Dates and Times

December 12 – December 13: 10am to 5pm
December 19 – January 3: 10am-5pm