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Early Childhood Education

At Discovery Science Foundation, children and their families engage in hands-on science learning through our award-winning exhibits and learn about science concepts with our talented team of science demonstrators.  Around every corner of our Discovery Cube campuses, there are opportunities to explore, gain new knowledge and have fun.

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their future health.  In fact, 90% of brain development takes place in those first five years. Parents are encouraged to read, talk and sing to babies because language and speech development in the brain is most active from 0-3 years old.

Through our Early Learners Core Initiative, the Foundation uses engaging exhibits, fundamental learning programs, and parent education workshops to maximize the health and well-being of fast growing kids!

Futuros Radiantes

Futuros Radiantes / Bright Futures is an award-winning early learners program designed for low-income parents of children six and under. The program helps parents get their kids school-ready, develop their complex language and reading skills in English and Spanish, understand number sense, and incorporate science-thinking skills. The goal is to prepare young learners to successfully enter school and to ultimately become productive, problem-solving community members. The path to success begins in infancy.

Eat Well

Discovery Cube is getting ready to bring an exciting new resource to the science center focused on families with children ages 0-5:  “The Eat Well” exhibit. In partnership with Children and Families Commission of Orange County and with the generous support of the David Horowitz Family, and Wells Fargo Bank, the new exhibit will decode the science of early childhood development and equip parents with the information and tools to maximize the health and well-being of their fast growing kids so they can be fit for life.

Housed in the Horowitz Hall of Early Learning, the exhibit will provide parents of 0-5 year olds with information on the importance of nutrition, exercise, and rest in the development of strong minds and bodies.  With content informed by highly regarded child development experts and pediatricians, the exhibit will feature fun activities and the latest interactive technology to bring the learning to life.

Thanks to the support of the Children and Families Commission, the Wells Fargo Foundation and David Horowitz the Cube is able to provide information and ideas to help your early learners embrace healthy living and active play. Click here to learn more.