Dino Quest

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Calling all explorers: Dino Quest is now open! Experience a journey that’s bigger, bolder, and more thrilling than ever before! Unearth ancient mysteries and come face-to-face with colossal dinosaurs on this epic prehistoric adventure. The fully reimagined exhibit features an interactive dinosaur fossil excavation site, tons of interactive missions to enjoy and learn from, and jaw-dropping life-sized dinosaurs. Dive into the past for an unforgettable adventure with Dino Quest at Discovery Cube Orange County! Fun for the whole family – where learning meets discovery.


Create your own adventure!

There are four interactive missions that are available throughout Dino Quest or can be played on the handheld device checked out on-site called a Dino Tracker. The four missions are:

Dino Dig Adventure – Unearth the secrets hidden in fossils long ago. On this Mission you will discover what paleontologist find on an expedition like fossilized bones…eggs…and footprints

Junior Diggers – Train to become a dinosaur expert. This Mission, designed for our younger paleontologists, will take you on a journey to find…a baby Triceratops…a flying reptile called a Quetzalcoatlus…and a giant T Rex

Adapt, Survive, Thrive – Explore the evolutionary journey that shaped these ancient creatures. On this Mission you will explore the special features dinosaurs had to help them survive, like…long necks…hollow bones…and body armor

Predator and Prey – Discover the strategies, adaptations, and challenges faced in the struggle for survival. Your Mission? Survive and thrive in a world teeming with dinosaurs! Search for ancient creatures with…sharp teeth… eyes on the sides of their head…and coprolite

Dig Excavation

The Dig Excavation

The Dig Excavation within Dino Quest offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to partake in the excavation of Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils using tools that would be found in a Paleontologist’s Field Kit. Guests will be tasked with sorting and reporting their findings just like a real paleontologist out in the field.

Fossil Yard

Come face-to-face with the very first Quetzalcoatlus to be on permanent display on the West Coast! Learn more about this massive creature and other mysterious dinosaurs including the Mosasaur and Triceratops. At the Fossil Detector Box, learn how paleontologists use grids to map out of their dig sites.



Learn about volcanic eruptions and the impact they had on Dinosaur survival with our very own Dino Quest Volcano. Wave your hand over the rocks to activate the motion-sensored geysers featuring dinosaur fossils and a model of an aquatic reptile known as Ichthysaurus.

Frequently Asked Questions


Dino Quest is a permanent exhibit.


Dino Quest is included with general admission or a valid membership.



The all-new Dino Quest experience is bigger, bolder, and more thrilling than ever before. Guests are invited to take a journey through prehistoric times by participating in a brand-new hand-held interactive adventure that transforms young visitors into an expert paleontologist. They will explore a Dig Pit to unearth a replica T-rex fossil, marvel at new life-sized fully articulated dinosaur skeletons and be awe inspired by the star of the show, a 16ft animatronic T-rex!