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Jr. Firefighter Academy

Grades K – 12

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Welcome to the Discovery Cube Los Angeles Jr. Firefighter Academy! Prepare for an exhilarating journey into the realm of firefighting and disaster preparedness at Discovery Cube LA. This comprehensive program is specially designed to equip young adventurers, aged 6 to 16, with the skills, knowledge, and spirit of resilience needed to tackle the challenges of wildland firefighting.

Program Options:

Field Trips:

A 3-hour field trip to Discovery Cube Los Angeles. The field trip will focus on the topics below, it will also include time for explorations of other exhibits located at Discovery Cube LA, including the fire Ranger Training Grounds, once it’s built in late 2025. The topics are based on grades.

Ages 6-8 (Grade 1-3):

Fire Safety Presentation: Interactive session on basic fire safety rules, including stop, drop, and roll, how to call emergency services, and recognizing fire hazards at home.

Hands-On Experiments: Simple experiments demonstrating fire behavior, such as how different materials burn and the importance of staying low in smoke.

Storytelling: Engaging stories about firefighters and their heroic deeds, emphasizing bravery, teamwork, and helping others.

Arts and Crafts: Fun activities like coloring fire safety posters, creating paper firefighter hats, and designing escape route maps for their homes.

Ages 9-11 (Grade 4-6):

Fire Prevention Workshop: In-depth discussion on fire prevention strategies, including kitchen safety, electrical hazards, and the importance of maintaining smoke alarms.

Practical Demonstrations: Live demonstrations of fire extinguisher usage, showing the proper techniques for putting out small fires.

Team Challenges: Collaborative activities such as assembling and testing simple firefighting equipment models, like miniature fire hoses or fire trucks.

Role-Playing Scenarios: Simulated emergency scenarios where participants act as firefighters, practicing evacuation procedures and helping “rescue” each other from simulated dangers.

Ages 12-14 (Grade 7-9):

Fire Science Exploration: Hands-on experiments exploring the science behind fire behavior, combustion, and the chemistry of firefighting foam.

Emergency Response Training: Basic first aid and CPR training, with a focus on how to assist in medical emergencies until professional help arrives.

Leadership Development: Team-building exercises and leadership workshops to develop communication skills, decision-making abilities, and confidence in stressful situations.

Virtual Reality Simulations: Immersive VR experiences allow participants to navigate virtual fire scenes and make decisions as if they were real firefighters.

Ages 15-16 (Grade 10-11):

Advanced Fire Safety Training: In-depth training on advanced firefighting techniques, including high-rise firefighting, hazardous materials awareness, and search and rescue operations.

Mock Drills: Realistic mock drills in simulated fire scenarios, requiring participants to apply their knowledge and skills under pressure.

Career Guidance: Information sessions and panel discussions with professional firefighters, exploring career paths in the fire service and the requirements for becoming a firefighter.

Community Service Projects: Opportunities to engage in community outreach activities, such as organizing fire safety workshops for younger children or assisting with smoke alarm installation campaigns in local neighborhoods.

Stem Club:

STEM Club Saturdays at the Junior Firefighter Academy provide an exciting and educational opportunity for young enthusiasts to explore the intersection of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the context of firefighting and emergency response.

Each Saturday session offers a diverse range of hands-on activities, experiments, and interactive demonstrations tailored to ignite curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of the principles behind firefighting and fire safety.

Activities offered at the Saturday STEM Club:

Fire Science Experiments:

Children engage in a series of captivating experiments to understand the science behind fire behavior, combustion, and the properties of different firefighting materials. They explore topics such as the chemistry of fire retardants, the physics of heat transfer, and the role of oxygen in combustion reactions.

Engineering Challenges:

Young engineers put their creativity to the test by designing and building their own miniature fire trucks, fire stations, or rescue equipment using everyday materials. They learn about structural integrity, problem-solving, and the importance of innovation in firefighting technology.

Technology Showcase:

Interactive demonstrations showcase the latest advancements in firefighting technology, such as thermal imaging cameras, drones for aerial reconnaissance, and remote-controlled robots for search and rescue missions. Participants had the opportunity to operate these cutting-edge tools under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Emergency Response Simulations:

Realistic simulations of emergency scenarios challenged participants to apply their STEM skills to solve complex problems under pressure. From navigating through our smoke-filled laser maze to rescuing “victims” from simulated disaster sites, the simulations provided a thrilling and immersive experience that tested participants’ critical thinking and teamwork abilities.

Guest Speaker Series:

Expert guest speakers, including professional firefighters, engineers, and scientists, shared their insights and experiences with the participants. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, they highlight the diverse STEM-related career paths within the fire service and inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.

The Saturday STEM Club at the Junior Firefighter Academy fosters a dynamic learning environment where young minds are empowered to explore, discover, and innovate. the program is developed to inspire participants to pursue careers in STEM fields while making a positive impact on their communities.

Summer & Winter Camps:

Wildland Firefighter Training:

Introduction to Wildfires: Understand the behavior and ecology of wildfires, learning about fuel types, environmental factors, and fire management strategies.

Hands-On Skills Development: Practice essential firefighting techniques, tool usage, and physical fitness activities to build strength, agility, and teamwork skills.

Safety Protocols: Learn about personal protective equipment (PPE), communication protocols, and emergency procedures followed by wildland firefighters.

Emergency Preparedness Workshops:

Incident Command System (ICS): Explore the ICS structure and chain of command used in emergency response operations, understanding the roles and responsibilities of personnel.

Evacuation Procedures: Participate in evacuation drills and develop strategies for safely evacuating people and resources from wildfire-affected areas.

Survival Skills: Acquire vital survival skills such as shelter-building, navigation, and emergency signaling for wilderness environments.

Career Insights and Mentorship:

Meet Wildland Firefighters: Interact with experienced firefighters, gaining insights into their careers, challenges, and accomplishments.

Mentorship Opportunities: Connect with mentors who provide guidance and support as you pursue your interest in wildland firefighting, learning about training programs and career paths.

Pre-Academy Preparation: Gain confidence and readiness for the academy through teamwork, problem-solving, and activities tailored to academy objectives.

Our programs will complement the curriculum of the Angeles National Forest Wildland Firefighter Explorer Academy, preparing participants for success in training environments.

Fire Ranging Training Grounds

Discovery Cube Los Angeles has plans to open the Fire Ranger Training Ground in late 2025/ Early 2026. This outdoor exhibit will have over 20 different interactives, such as climbing structures, A real-life Life Helicopter and Fire Truck, a ropes course, and many other interactive exhibits.

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