Teachers Night Out

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What to expect at the exclusive event honoring the education community

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The Cube comes to you!

Enjoy high-energy assemblies and hands-on workshops where we teach you to think like a scientist.

Reaction Lab

Experience on-stage experiments to understand chemical reactions.

Watt’s Current

Discover the science of electricity and participate in hands-on experiences to understand circuits.

How Clean is Your Water?

Perform water quality tests to learn how we can ensure our water is safe for drinking.

Motion Commotion

Use Newton’s Theory to understand and experiment with forces that affect objects on Earth.


Get involved in the fun and science behind bubble tricks.

Robot Challenge

Learn the basics of coding, programming, and technology with Ozobots and Dash Robots.

Field Trips

Embark on an adventure in learning with our ALL NEW field trip experience!

Survey Station

After visiting all of the other stations, you are ready to receive your prize. Stop by this station to complete a simple survey and collect your reward.


  • Discovery Cube Science-to-Go Workshop for 20 – 35 students in grades K-8. Choose from a variety of hands-on workshops correlated with NGSS.
  • Discovery Cube Science-to-Go Assembly for up to 150 students in grades K-8. Choose from a variety of interactive, high-energy assemblies correlated with NGSS.
  • Discovery Cube Field Trip for 120 students in grades K-8 to either our Orange County or Los Angeles location. Experience an immersive field trip among larger than life exhibits to learn STEM concepts like never before.
  • Partner prize baskets with STEM swag.