Your gift supports every aspect of Discovery Cube including our traveling and permanent exhibits, extensive outreach programs, field trips, teacher professional development and more! This past year and with the community’s generous support of intentional and deliberate hands-on science education, we impacted the lives of over a million people who visited our three campuses in Orange County and Los Angeles as well as participated in classroom educational programs in six counties across Southern California. To help us inspire the innovators of tomorrow, please pick a campus below that you would like to help support.

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If you are looking to provide the gift of knowledge to a locally underserved child, another option is through our Donate to Educate campaign! Our campaign focuses on providing STEM access to underprivileged students through Discovery Cube field trips. Our aim, with your help, is to create a lifelong spark of inspiration that has the promise to change future generations and our community. With your gift of $25 today, you can underwrite one child’s scholarship field trip to Discovery Cube! This includes the cost of a field trip, bus transportation, and curriculum development.

Donate to Educate Campaign

Discovery Cube is recognized by the IRS and the State of California as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Every gift counts – thank you for your support!

For more information, please contact the Development Office at 714-913-5039.