Who We Are

At the Discovery Cube

We inspire and educate young minds through engaging science-based programs and exhibits to create a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.

Discovery Cube’s Story

Opening in 1998 in Orange County, Discovery Cube has delighted the lives of children, educators, and caregivers for decades and instilled a passion for the sciences on millions of lives. In a world that has accelerated and grown from technological and scientific advancements left and right, we have created high-quality science learning experiences to propel young scientists forward as the innovators
of the future.

Our Approach

Our team of exhibit designers and educators are constantly creating on- and off-site activities that cater to the needs of learners of all backgrounds. From kinesthetic and auditory to visual learning, we have experiences for every child to learn, engage, and have fun.

Our Impact

Inspiring Over
students through environmental programs
Educating Over
students through off-site assemblies & workshops
More Than
students on field trips to our campuses

Why Science Education Matters

In a world of increasing technological advancements and scientific discoveries, we continue to see a growing gap and lack of diversity in the STEM fields. Here at the Discovery Cube, our goal is supporting the fulfillment of the current and future needs of STEM professionals by educating and inspiring current generations of young minds. Science has been on the wayside of learning for many students, with early-age teachers focused on English and math instruction, which creates less opportunities for scientific exposure for students.

Through your support, we can empower students, educators, and families by creating windows of opportunity where current and future generations have equitable access to the world of STEM. Science has room for everyone, and we must invest in allowing children to explore their passions within STEM so that they have access to more opportunities in the future.

Our Core Initiatives

STEM Proficiency

STEM Proficiency

We strive to increase the skills of students and teachers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), thus preparing students to successfully enter the workforce and become the innovators of tomorrow.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

We are devoted to encouraging positive behaviors that result in eco-friendly living and foster environmental stewardship of land, water, and air resources.

Early Learning

Early Learning

We are dedicated to helping parents and guardians employ techniques needed to teach children ages 5 and under how to read, understand the concept of numbers, interpret complex language, and prepare for success in school.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

We seek to educate families about healthy living and the interconnectivity of body systems, mental health, and nutrition to increase their physical and psychological wellness.

Our Community

With support from the Summer of STEM collaborative in Los Angeles, the Discovery Cube has been able to provide free, virtual summer camp activities and opportunities to the children in the Northeast Valley and local community safely from home. I thank them for their commitment to our community and the mission to impact and inspire the next generation of scientists and leaders.

– Councilmember Monica Rodriguez

Our Team and Partners

With the support of our corporate, foundation, and government donors, we inspire, educate and impact the community together! Together, we provide the crucial support necessary to educate and stimulate young minds in the area of science, math, and technology through broadened exposure to scientific information and interactive exhibits and programs.

Our Team

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Board of Directors

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