Temporary Closure. Discovery Cube remains temporarily closed due to government guidelines and renovations.

Igniting the passion of exploration and transformational change

The Discovery Science Foundation’s campuses and education programs serve as Southern California’s thrilling springboard into science. It’s an organization brimming with mind-growing activities, try-it-out experiments, and numerous other paths to pursuing scientific understanding. These engaging experiences have their basis in STEM education — Science! Technology! Engineering! Math — which helps the next generation of thinkers and makers dream bigger and bolder.

Discovery Science Foundation’s idea-filled opportunities extend beyond its Discovery Cube and Ocean Quest campuses. These opportunities include fascinating field trips, which present students exciting ways to explore STEM-related concepts through problem-solving and exploratory learning. Our educational outreach programs bring science to life in classrooms and schools across the Southern California, while the early childhood education we provide helps parents of youngsters under the age of 5 understand strategies and tips to help their little ones learn, grow and play.

Teacher professional development? Yes, we help educators increase their understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards and our teacher resources keep our educators in the know on the STEM front. We give educators access to lesson plans and other methods that will aid in connecting students with the core tenets of what the Discovery Cube does.

Discovery Science Foundation’s education team, through these six areas as well as what happens at the campuses, helps to transform the typical teacher-centered classroom by creating curriculum that is driven by problem solving and exploratory learning. It’s a curriculum that requires students to actively engage in hands-on experiences and discovery in order to find solutions.