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Discovery Cube thanks Jim Peterson (CEO, Microsemi Corporation), Board Member Steve Litchfield (Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Microsemi Corporation) and Microsemi for their continued support and unparalleled efforts towards making our mission a reality. With the support of our donors we inspire, educate and impact the community together!

As corporations have long known, investing in the communities where their employees and customers live and work makes good business sense. Through Discovery Cube’s Corporate Partners program, participating companies provide the crucial support necessary to enable the Cube to educate and stimulate young minds in the area of science, math, and technology through broadened exposure to scientific information and interactive exhibits and programs.


The Corporate Partners program helps to underwrite the cost of the Cube’s education and outreach programs that annually reach over 375,000 children and 1,000 teachers in Southern California. Some of these programs include Field Trips, Science to Go, Future Scientists & Engineers of America and Teacher Training. In addition, a portion of your contribution is also set aside to enable scholarships for 10% of the students who are in low-income, underserved areas of the county.

All Levels Include:

Ways to Support:

Matching Gifts

Make every dollar you donate double when donated to the Cube! Many employers encourage employees to donate providing matching gifts that double or even triple the effect of individual donors.

Not only do these gifts support our programs and help us grow the impact of our education programs and exhibits, they are also tax-deductible.

Before you make a contribution to Discovery Cube, ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. This could potentially double the impact of your individual contribution!

To request more information about our Corporate Partners Program, please contact Mike Fuhr, Senior Director of Corporate Relations at or 714-913-5026.