Individual Donors

Discovery Cube thanks all of our donors for their generous support.
The following represents individual donors who made gifts totaling $500 or more between July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2023.

Orange County



Pamela and Timothy Kashani


PLATINUM LEVEL ($50,000 +)

Deborah and Glen Bickerstaff
Kelly and Jim Mazzo
Michael Ray
Steven Zanderholm


GOLD LEVEL ($25,000 +)

Mary and Rick Baily
Garrett Bland
Janet Burns
Phu Hoang
Kevin Lawrence
Steve Litchfield
Gale and Jim Luce
Janet and Walkie Ray
Dennis Trine


SILVER LEVEL ($10,000 +)

Tom Bardos
Emily and Sean Barrette
Jacqueline Dupont-Carlson and Marc Carlson
Chris Copps
Lupe Gonzalez and John Davis
Michelle and Tim Dean
Michael Feinglass
Michael Greenberg
Kevin Heckemeyer
David Horowitz
Courtney and Benjamin Johnson
Ravi Kumar
Gil LeVasseur
Brett Longenecker
Chinh Nguyen
Tom Mitro
Greg Moore
Richard Pearson
Sheila and James Peterson
William Rankin
Loreal and Jay-Paul Spenuzza
Carole and Del Stagg
Angie and Dean Stoecker
Tim Sullivan
Todd Theodora
Chris Van Dusen
Chris Walters


COPPER LEVEL ($5,000 +)

Mechelle Lawrence-Adams and Joe Adams
Wylie Aitken
Kristy Allan
Phil Angelides
Patricia Baumgardner
Marsha Beard
Dan Bolar
Gay Callan
Sybil and Ali Cayir
Karen Cohoe
Greg Elliott
Jared Fox
Brigitte and Craig Frankel
Mary Grillo
Susan Kirkpatrick
Nadine Levinson
Sherrie and Ron Markham
Sherry Montgomery
Julie and Tom McDorman
Tracy Miller
Malcolm and Pat Niles
Elizabeth Ray
Maria Rigatti
Chiyo and Stan Rowe
Jennifer and Ted Serentelos
Kim Letch and Nigel Stobart
John Takacs
David Taylor
John Tracy
Nancy Webb
Debbie Wulff


NICKEL LEVEL ($1,500 +)

Adrienne and David Adelman
Ginger and Anthony Allen
Emily Horowitz and Chatom Arkin
Larry Bedrosian
Karina and Don Bennett
Lisa and Johnny Boyd
Marie and Tim Crosson
Carey Dunlop
Susan and Bruce Edwards
Ellen and Michael Fine
Kevin Fink
Sara Garske
Elizabeth and Robert Geltz
Wendy Greuel
Diane Hafer
Lu Ann Hancock
Lynn April and Gene Hartline
Hac and Tim Henderson
Shari Douglas and Andrew Hill
Linda and Brad Jenkins
Lauren and Christopher Johnston
Jeffrey Kaplan
Johanna and Ken Kim
Bryn Luce
Debbie and Terry Loughran
Rich Marmaro
Sara Nealy
Tim and Veronica Nguyen
Judith Posnikoff
Neil Sahota
Steve Sandland
Kim and Jack Stemper
Robin Tippett
Catherine Thyen
John Wareham
Jeff Whitton
Sheila and Jay Witzling
Nancy Wong
Pam Horowitz and Rolf Uitzetter
Cindy and Peter Zofrea



Mark Clemens
Adina and Josh Stowell
Ann Marie and Jeff Jennison
Arthur Ong
Barbara Foster
Carl Jordan
Dan Dillabough
Daniel Flynn
Diane Shirley
Lynne and Don Bobo
Eli Gautney
Gary Olson
Haunani Nakabara
Heather and Richard Greene
CC and Ian Hafner
James Dierking
Daisy and James Funk
James Swinden
Jill Juniper
Jill and Mark Skaist
Kathy Neil
Samira and Keyvan Samini
Latika Sethi
Lucy Rauch
Michelle Highberg
Monica McEntee
Pascal Gimenez
Paul Jernigan
Peter Spenuzza
Phillip Stephenson
Rebecca Lienhard
Rebecca and Robert Walter
Richard Yang
Robyn Grant
Ron Viggiano
Sandra Chiles
Sean Treacy
Shonte Perluss
Stacey Schneider
Susan Morgan
Tom Boscher
Tom Sarpa
William Nye
William Parker
Karyn and Bill Spear
Harry Witt
Ming Wu
Mirei and Shinobu Yoshida
Sophia Yim
Wenlin Zhang


A special thank you to our Cube Ambassador members for their support of Discovery Cube!

Elizabeth Lucero and Micaela Vega
Samantha Han
Sergio Ocegueda and Debora Sanchez
Vanessa Forbes and Jessica Verile
Wanda Wang and Christopher Hernandez
Jennifer and Alex Navejas
Christine and Caleb Cheng
Colleen Khuon and Saroeun Pen
Jessica and Gary McLin
John Wright
Linda and Scott McAuley
Ngan and John Nass
Robert Karr
Quynh and Tue Nguyen
Alexis Avery and Trevon Harris
Mirza Trokic and Aida Pilvac
Nicole Kuehn and Melissa Clements
Sherri and Daniel Davis
Sarah and Charles Hirst
Tri Tan and Tran Duong
Huyvu Nguyen and He Ly
Julie and Joseph Quibuyen
Katherine Choy and Elaine Navani
Laquenta Long and Scott Thompson
Nancy and Jay DeRusso
Susana and Isidro Gomez
Virginia Liu
Summer Manske and Suzanne Sanchez
Bianca and Nicholas Dunlap
Lynda and Glen Ross
Evett and Erwin Espiritu
Kristin and Adam Cooper
Ferleine Bautisa-Beal and Michael Beal
Ashley and Andrew Fabrigas
Casandra Rodas
Erika Sanchez and Daniel Ozan
Jeanise and Julius Williams
Kristen and Adam Moore
Lorena Ramirez and Robert Cano
LaTara Mirabal and Angel Hernandez
Ann Williams
Chelsey Seely-Eckenwiler and Matthew Eckenwiler
Christine Cordon
Patricia Villagomez and Joeseph Barker
Aimee Wu and Tony Chiang
Joseph Grillo
Kathleen and Karen Chai
Manasee and Ameet Shandrikar
Michael Leigh
Chrissy and Bill Cheney
Eliseo Arevalo
Dymphna Chimienti and Dymphna Silva
Hyungoun Shim and Ha Lau
Bokhyun Yoo and Chad Poist
Darlene and Adrian Brown
Theresa and Eric Haikara
Jamie Clarque and Adrienne Uranga
Jennifer and Julian Lao
Queena Duong and Paula Bui
Stephanie Washington
Elaine and Harvey Turell
Haziel and Jasmine Mitchell
Belinda and Jason Rocha
Karen Meaghan Dugan
Lisa and Paul Frechette
Alyssa and William Cota
Athena Hayes and Cletya Martin
Wendy Governale and Jessica Martinez
Sukyi and Hyun Kim
JoAnn and Derrik Slayman

Los Angeles

GOLD LEVEL ($25,000 to $49,999)

Canise and Drew Arredondo
The Corwin Family
Dr. Pedram Salimpour and Dr. Stacy Weiss

SILVER LEVEL ($10,000 to $24,999)

The de Toledo Family
Wendy Greuel and Dean Schramm
Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg
The Klausner Family

COPPER LEVEL ($5,000 to $9,999)

Joe Adams and Mechelle Lawrence-Adams
Fidel Collins
Brian Diamond
Paul Jennings
Tim and Anne McCallion
Matt O’Connor
Joseph Valdes

NICKEL LEVEL ($1,500 +)

Tim and Christina Gaspar
Trisha Muse and Steve Pangarliotas
Elizabeth Naftali
Kristine Nishiyama
Scott Sale
Christine Sarkissof
Harlan Spinner
Robert Steinbacher
Nancy Swaner
Kathy Vanderziel


Bill Ahmanson
Wendy Chang
Danny and Zoe Corwin
David and Kara Corwin
Johnathan Dix
Daniel Fried
Garrett and Daisy Funk
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Hirsh
Andrew Jameson
Rick Schroeder
Arlene Verdicia
Jaki Wagner
Kelly Yang
Morris Zagha


A special thank you to our Cube Ambassador members for supporting Discovery Cube!

Breanne and Carlos Acosta
Susan Jevons and Amanda Buffington
Cynthia Corona and Jason Casas
Jenny Liu and King Chuung
Paula and Walt Dunlop
Jacqueline and Osvana Fabre
Jin and Robert Hymers
Erin and Jerry Lowe
Michelle Boudreaux and Torrie Lozano
Natasha and Eddie Moon
Nathasha Adamski and Alex Murphy