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California Gold Level – ($100,000.00 +)

Sheila and James Peterson
Janet and James “Walkie” Ray

Platinum Level – ($50,000.00 – $99,999.00)

Michelle and David Horowitz
Amy and Steven Litchfield

Gold Level – ($25,000.00 – $49,999.00)

Kelly and James Mazzo
Julie and Tom McDorman
Malcolm and Pat Niles
Cindy Omiya
Chiyo and Stanton Rowe

Silver Level – ($10,000.00 – $24,999.00)

Sean Barrette
Nina and Jeff Benck
Heather and Garrett Bland
Dean Bloxom
Debbie and Dan Bolar
Donnie Crevier
Lien Nguyen and Phu Hoang
Emily Horowitz and Chatom Arkin
Barbara and Greg MacGillivray
Loyd McGhee
George Mitsanas
Gregory Moore
Judith Posnikoff
Michael D. Ray
Diana and Jerry Roby
Laura and Stephen Scully
Carole and Del Stagg
Carol and Dennis Troesh
Kyle and Connor Wescoat
Pam and Gary Ziebarth
Yang Family

Copper Level – ($5,000.00 – $9,999.00)

Kate and Robert Adams
Mary and Richard Baily
Anderee Berengian
Garrett Calacci
Gay Callan
Sheila and Tim Collins
Michelle and Tim Dean
Dan Hanson
Jan and Mike Helmuth
Sherry and Parker Kennedy
Veronica and Tim Nguyen
Nita and Ash Patel
Andrea and Jeff Reeves
Maria Rigatti and Dick Roberts
Carrie and Kris Sennesael
Nancy and Craig Smith
Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund
Suzie and Tim Sullivan
Matthew H. Taylor
Mary and Dennis Trine
Michelle and Glenn Verdult
Steven Zanderholm

Nickel Level – ($1,500.00 – $4,999.00)

Rebecca and Thomas Anderson
Julia and Russ Beemer
Paul Bissin
Lindsey Busch
Mark Campbell
Crissy and Bill Cheney
Karen (Johnson) Cohoe and Bruce Cohoe
Jessica and Todd Crane
Jag Dosanjh
Susan and Bruce Edwards
Kelly and David Emmes
Ellen and Michael Fine
Fei and John Fisher
Barbara Foster
Brigitte and Craig Frankel
Sara Garske
Irma and Rick Goerner
Wendy Greuel and Dean Schramm
Brie Griset Smith and Peter Smith
Barry Halsted
Lynn April and Gene Hartline
Matt Henderson
Erin and Adam Horowitz
Pam Horowitz and Rolf Uitzetter
Bob and Connie Ihrke
Brad and Linda Jenkins
Lauren and Christopher Johnston
Carol and Marshall Lee
Rich Marmaro
Bill Nye
Terri and Douglas Pasquale
Debbie and Jim Phillips
Kellee Preston
Michael Michel and Karen Rhyne
Mara and Kurt Rieck
The Honorable William F. Rylaarsdam
Neil Sahota
Kay and Stephen Sandland
Elinor Schmidt
Gerda and Thomas Sparks
Karyn and William Spear
Adina and Josh Stowell
Catherine and Delane Thyen
Kathy and John Tracy
George J. Wall
Rebecca and Robert Walter
Lois and Jack Wareham
Lu Ann Weerasuriya
Linda White-Peters and Ross Peters
Michelle and John Williams
Bill Witte and Keiko Sakamoto
Sheila and Jay Witzling
Janet and Kent Yamaguchi

Emerging Innovator Level – ($500.00 – $1,499.00)

Michael Andersen
Mr & Mrs. Sam Anderson
Emily Horowitz and Chatom Arkin
Canise and Drew Arredondo
Krystal and Hal Barkate
Nancy Bartelt
Dan Beck
Mary Lynn Bergman-Rallis
Tracey and Gary Bethke
Perry and Rebecca Bridger
Kim and Mark Clemens
Gloria Chen and Peter Huang
Laura and Paul Cook
Toni and Bruce Corwin
Melanie Coto / The Coto Foundation
Daniel J. Dillabough
Sandra and Sean Donnelly
Peggie Fariss
The Fitzgerald Family
Michael Gleeson
Lila Grant
Ian Hafner
Falen Rabbata and Fathi Hakam
Jane and Joe Hanauer
Harrison Harpole
Jordan Harpole
Heather Harwell
Michelle and Erin Highberg
Karen and Andrew Hill
Edward Holland
Jon Hughes
Steve and Shelly Hupp
Virginia and Paul Jernigan
Jill and Scott Juniper
Jeffrey Kaplan
Clark M. Leonard
Diana and Larry Lorenzi
Gale and Jim Luce
Csaba F. Maczala
Shelly and David Malmon
Cheryle Markel
Mary McCarthy
Fereshteh Arghavani and Shahram Mehraban
Carla and Rob Myers
Vincent Nagel
Haunani Nakabara
Kristine Nishiyama
Hayley and Mike Palazzola
Terri and Douglas Pasquale
Patricia and Daryl Pelc
Jamie and Michael Polenzani
Justice Sheila Prell Sonenshine and Ygal Sonenshine
Roxie Ray
Marisa and Steve Robbins
Aimee and Jim Roberson
Bonnie and David Rofsky
Phil Stephenson
Christina Stevenson and Nick Johnson
Ellen and Paul Tarantino
Phuong To
Diane and Randy Tribolet
Pam Horowitz and Rolf Uitzetter
Harmony Upton
Kent Valley
Ari Vinocor
Meghan MacGillivray Weil and Louis Weil
Lacy and Matthew White
Shawn Wood
Mark Woodward
Mirei and Shinobu Yoshida

Cube Ambassador Level – ($300.00 – $499.00)

Ginger and Tony Allen
Frank Clarke
Shirley and Karl Frankel
Helen Frazer
Matthew Germann
Christine and William Griffith
Scarlette Almero and Viva Palumbo
Janice and William Parker


California Gold Level – ($100,000.00 + )

Melanie Coto

Platinum Level – ($50,000.00 +)

Anne and Tim McCallion
Kafi and Bob Blumenfield

Gold Level – ($25,000.00 +)

Pedram Salimpour MD and Dr. Stacy Weiss

Silver Level – ($10,000.00 +)
Felicia and Fidel Collins
Toni and Bruce Corwin
Enrique Gonzalez
Wendy Greuel and Dean Schramm

Copper Level – ($5,000.00 +)

Joe Ahn
Canise and Drew Arredonde
Frank E. Baxter
Kathy Jones Irish
Peter Lowy
Cindy Miscikowski
Nicole and Allan Mutchnik

Nickel Level – ($1,500.00 +)

Susan and Mark Brubaker
Andrea and Kelly Cheeseman
Arpita and Brian Diamond
Brie Griset Smith and Peter Marshall Smith
Jose A. Hernandez
Stephen Kaufman
Elizabeth Naftali
Madeline and Bruce Ramer
Janet and James “Walkie” Ray
Stephanie and Jonathon Wolfson

Emerging Innovator Level – ($500.00 +)

Joe Adams
Mary and Richard Baily
Kathy Bañuelos
Celia Bernstein
Dena Bloom
Drs. Susan and Michael Blumenfield
Andrew Bly
Jennifer and Larry Bond
Gil Crozes
Gail Dash
Lauren F. Ellis
The Fitzgerald Family
Laura Fox
Elizabeth and Glen Friedman
Leslie and Cliff Gilbert-Lurie
Marlene and Marshall Grossman
Jennifer Hirsh
The Kallick Family
Jennifer Landig
Cathy and Mark Louchheim
Capri and Kerman Maddox
Sarah and Peter Mandell
Courtney McIntyre
Trisha Muse and Steve Pangarliotas
Kristine Nishiyama
Cindy Omiya
Noel Pallais
Joseph Pekarovic
Vicki Reynolds and Murray Pepper
Debbie and Jim Phillips
Gary Swaner
David White
Charles C. Woo

Cube Ambassador Level – ($300.00 +)

Brickson Diamond
Horace Heidt
Zohre E. Khadem
Jamie and Chuck Meyer
Thomas Safran
Jackie Weintraub
Suzy Wilson