Discovery Cube Annual Memberships

Please note: Gift Memberships do not start until the first visit.

Gift Memberships are perfect for everyone: family, grandkids, best friends, and even your neighbors! Give the gift of lifelong learning, discovery, exploration, and of course FUN!

Memberships are great gifts for your favorite family; good for 12 months, great for all ages, and it’s one-size-fits-all!

Please select the campus closest to you . Your Memberships is valid at all Discovery Cube Locations.



If I buy the Membership now, how long is it good for?

Gift Membership are good for 12 months from the date of redemption. We do strongly recommend that vouchers are redeemed within 6 months of the purchase date.

How will the Members receive their card?

New Members will receive their cards on their first visit. We will ask them to finalize and confirm their required membership information.

How do I gift the Membership?

Provide them with the PDF document you will receive in your email. It has instructions on how to redeem their membership as well as some basic information.

What is the difference between gifting a membership versus a gift card?

A gift card can be used to purchase a variety of items from Discovery Cube, including a Membership. A gift card can also be used in our onsite science stores. When purchasing a Gift Membership, you will receive a voucher only valid for a Membership.

Can the recipient upgrade the membership after I present it to them?

Yes! A recipient is able to upgrade their gift to any higher level at the time of redemption.

Have more questions?

We would love to answer any of your questions. Email us at or call us at 714-913-5040.


Please Note: Your Discovery Cube Membership entitles you to free or discounted admission to over 300 ASTC Science Centers around the world. Please make sure to call ahead before visiting other organizations. For the most current policies and list of participating organizations, please visit