What do volunteers do at Discovery Science Center?
Volunteers do almost everything at Discovery Science Center. A new volunteer will start off with a few basic responsibilities. One of which will include a rotation of positions that will help provide coverage on our exhibit floor. At these positions volunteers will be asked to interact with the general public, help maintain the center at a “show ready” state, and answer Guests’ questions. Other positions include teaching science demonstrations, explaining and answering questions about our Dino Quest exhibit, and performing clerical jobs. Some positions will require additional training.

If I have court ordered hours or mandatory hours due to a criminal charge, can I complete my hours at Discovery Science Center?
Unfortunately Discovery Science Center does not accept volunteers who have been charged with a crime or are in a diversion program.


When I become a volunteer, can I volunteer whenever I want?
Yes and no. Volunteers have the ability to sign-up/pick-up predetermined shifts. We ask that all volunteers show up on time and stay for the entire shift. Shifts will vary in length, but they are generally 4 hours long.


Do I have to do a minimum amount of hours?
Yes. We ask that all volunteers commit 60 hours to Discovery Science Center within their first 6 months. All volunteers must have at least have 60 hours logged and completed before any paperwork will be printed, verified, or signed.


What is the interview session?
An interview session is an opportunity for us to meet you face to face, ask you a few questions, get to know you a little more, and a chance for you to get to know us a bit better as well! We fit up to 10 applicants in a one hour time block so you can meet other applications.


What qualifications do I need?

Other than our age requirement (15 years old or older), there are no set required qualifications for our program. We are looking for volunteers who will be a good fit for our company, are willing to commit and dedicate their time to us, and most importantly enjoy their time here.


If I do not get accepted into the program can I reapply?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to reapply for our program.  It is important for applications to strengthen their resume, interview skills, or just some more experience volunteering before they reapply.


I am not 15 yet, but I still want to apply.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accepted volunteers who are not 15 years of age. However, we do allow volunteers to start the application process 1 month before their 15th birthday.


Can I volunteer with a relative?

Of course! Discovery Science Center does have a clause which limits relatives to be employed together, however, that does not apply to volunteers.


Do volunteers receive any benefits?
Absolutely! Discovery Science Center appreciates all the time and dedication volunteers give to us and we try to give back as best we can.

Benefits for active volunteers who have completed 60 hours include:

1. Free admission for the volunteer and one Guest as long as the volunteer is not on duty
2. Launch Pad Science Store discount
3. DSC Taco Bell and Pizza Hut Express discount
4. Two admissions tickets for every 40 hours completed


What does it mean to be an “active volunteer”?
An active volunteer is a volunteer who has logged hours at Discovery Science Center within the past 30 days. Active volunteers will receive all volunteer benefits.


What does it mean to be an “inactive volunteer”?
A volunteer becomes an inactive volunteer if they have not logged volunteer hours at Discovery Science Center within the last 30 days. Inactive volunteers will not receive any volunteer benefits. However, inactive volunteers can continue to redeem their volunteer hours for admission tickets. Inactive volunteers can request for a status change with the Volunteer Services Department, however, a status change is not guaranteed and will be dependent on various factors.


What does it mean to be an “archived volunteer”?
A volunteer becomes an archived volunteer if they have not logged volunteer hours at Discovery Science Center within the past 3 months. Archived volunteers do not receive any volunteer benefits. Archived volunteers must reapply for a volunteer position if they wish to return. Volunteer positions are not guaranteed for returning volunteers.


How soon do I need to start after my training?
We ask that all volunteers log hours at Discovery Science Center within 3 weeks of their new volunteer training.


What happens if I don’t volunteer within 3 weeks after my training?
Unless you have a previous arrangement with the Volunteer Department, you will be removed from the program.