Discovery Cube Digital Membership

Welcome to your Digital Discovery Cube Membership!

With our digital membership, you gain access to a wealth of information and exclusive benefits right at your fingertips. Enrolling is easy – simply follow the steps below:

1. Download the eMembership Card App:

Head to your app store and download the eMembership Card App for free. Available on both iOS and Android, the app is your gateway to a virtual museum experience like never before.

2. Create Your Account:

Once installed, launch the app and look for “Discovery Cube”. Click “Find My Membership Cards” and enter your last name and Membership ID. With just a few simple steps, you can connect your membership card to the app.

Member Benefits:

As a Discovery Cube member, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including:
– Access to a Digital Membership Card
– Discounts at our Retail Store and Cafe
– Early access to special exhibits
– Member-only events
– Discounts on Birthday Parties, Sleepovers and more!

Stay Connected:

Keep up-to-date with the latest museum news, events, and exhibitions through the eMembership Card App.

Download the app now to get started. Your adventure awaits!





Your Membership expires at the end of the month , 1 year from your issue/renewal date. For example if you purchase your membership on December 3rd, 2023 then your membership expires December, 31st 2024.


If you renew your membership and stay at the same membership level as before you will not need new cards. If you upgraded to a different level during your renewal then we will print new cards on your next visit. You are entitled to new cards at no charge every time you renew your membership, you can ask for them on your next visit. We do not mail cards.


Memberships are valid at both Locations (Orange County & Los Angeles)


Discovery Cube OC and Discovery Cube LA are closed on Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.


Yes, members get exclusive early access to new exhibits before they open to the general public. Keep an eye on our newsletter and website for updates on upcoming exhibits and member events.


You can reach our membership support team by filling out the form below. We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.


You can easily renew your membership online through our website by clicking here. Alternatively, you can renew in person at the museum’s front desk


Memberships are not valid for school field trips, as they are separate programs. However, as a member, you do receive discounts on certain educational programs and workshops such as Summer Camp, Code Club, STEM Clubs, etc..

Still have questions or want to subscribe to the member newsletter? Please fill out the form below.